Bernese Mountain Dog Parents


Diesel is our dad of the bunch. He is a little smaller than Aunya weighing in at about 90 lbs. He also is a very lovable father dog who loves to play out in this Minnesota cold (though he sometimes comes back more white than black). He loves to carry his pink squeaky toy around, jump on every bed in the house, and bug Aunya. His best talent (who our son claims to have taught him) is to not only shake, but give you a one pawed hug and a little head- butt once in awhile. Diesel is a little confused and sad that he can’t see Aunya right now, but loves to look in the nursery window.


Aunya is our proud new mom! She is a very lovable 110 lbs mother dog. She loves to play hide and seek with our daughter and a blanket, follow us around like a shadow, steal the butter dish, and sit and watch TV with us (on the couch). Her best talent (according to our daughter) is the fact that she can drink from a straw out of a Capri Sun Pouch. She is being an excellent new mother and loves all her puppies.

Westie Parents

Marshmallow Head

Marshmallow- Dad

Popcorn head 1




Pug Parents