Here’s a few things to consider buying before bringing your puppy home.

  • Puppy Food – We use Life’s Abundance puppy and dog food.  We’ve found this to be the best food on the market and also very convenient for you to order – delivered directly to your house.  Click here to see the Life’s Abundance information.
  • Vitamins – There are many good vitamins in the market today.  We’ve found that NuVet has an excellent product.  For more information on it you can visit their website at   Use customer #42648 when ordering.   Click here for more information on NuVet.
  • Kennel/Crate – We would strongly recommend kennel/crate training your new puppy.  We’ve found this method to very successful in potty training.  There are several articles on the AKC website that may provide more information.  Check it out at  There are crates that can be divided in half when the puppy is small and then expand as the puppy grows.  Most of the local pet stores carry these products.
  • Bed – Purchase a very washable bed to put inside the crate.
  • Leash/Collar/Harness – Your puppy will be 5 pounds or less when you bring him/her home, so you collar should be the proper size.  Harnesses work very well with the pugs.
  • Food Dishes – You’ll need a water and food dish.  It’s best to have one that the puppy will not be able to chew.